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List of Lipsticks (Lippies) I have

Finally! Writing means I have a free (short break) from my hectic work, who would have thought that teaching in a public school is easy, and teaching is easy… think again. It’s true, if you want to teach you need to have passion and the heart to teach along with a very long patience.
            This short break might end really soon so I want to post this before I throw some of them. What is it? I am not really vain, I am not into make-up or something there are times I just want to prep myself with some lights and some light means a bit of everything.

            I can’t remember the first lipstick (lippie), all I remembered was I was never interested with lippies before, not even when I worked in a call center company where most of my officemates were in make-up when they appear in the office door and I was wondering like, what would I look like if I have lipsticks too. I wore lip gloss but not lipstick, not until I was hired as a public school teacher. I stole a red lipstick from my mama whom she received from a relative from US, it was a deep bloody red lippie.

            And from there I started to love lipsticks, here are some lipsticks I still have at hand. I am going to give some lippies which I don’t like and don’t use anymore.
            Choosing the best shade of lipsticks that would match your soul is like finding for the perfect love… collect and collect… and select and settle.”

1. Maybelline Newyork LIPgradation (RED1)

             Maybelline lipgradation is my top favorite, when I say I finally found the one I did found it with this lipstick. It wasn’t my last lippie venture but I bought three already and that is very rare, I don’t buy lipsticks twice. Ito lang talaga (This is the only one), this is my darling and my loves.
            I love the deep red color, not glossy since its matte but not too matte-y that it doesn’t look good on your lips anymore. Its kind a chalk-y and easy to apply, just open the cap and twist and apply like a pencil, there’s a brush applicator at the other part which I don’t really use since I am not into thin lippie application.
            And it is not too expensive at all, I think I bought it around php 399.

2. Max Factor (Ruby Tuesday)

               It’s not matte, a glossy lipstick and it happened to be my second favorite. A great friend gave it to me as a birthday present and since it is so precious for me ( sentimental me here) I only used it if there are special occasions and keep it safe in my make-up kit. And yes, this lippie is expensive (I refer things expensive if they reach php 500 – sorry not born rich)

3. IN2IT  (Crimson)

            I am such a hooker of nice packaging the main reason why this lipstick is one of my favorite, I forgot how much it is though. I like the tube really it is really cute, the shade reddish brown and yes I still wear it since I have this brownish school uniform every Thursday and this shade matches my uniform perfectly.

4. Nichido matte (Temptation)

            One of the cheapest lippie I ever had and its matte, my friend Aiza who happened to have this one introduces this lipstick to me. At first I was hesitant to buy because… uhm… not really interested about the brand unless it’s a blush-on product. But I tried and I love it, this lipstick has this brownish and dark shade that I also love. If I am going to compare it with my other lippies, this is the matte version of my IN2IT crimson.

5. EB Lusty red

            Another cheap matte lipstick, its bright red and from the name itself, lusty red (lol) but I like it and forgot how many times I wear this shade. Hmn.. there’s this one time I think that was last Christmas.

6. Mary Kay (Black tubes)

            I had three Mary Kay black tubes before, I throw away the other one. My favorite among the three is the red salsa and yes it is red and it stays even after I eat my lunch it is glossy as well. I think all mary kay lipstick products were glossy and why didn’t I continue using them? Because they are too expensive for someone like me, just imagine php 800 more or less for one tube? Sorry, can’t afford too many Mary Kay lipsticks even if I wanted to.
            The other one is the Pink Melon, it is pink (lol again) and it brightens my face every time I put it on my lips. And then lastly is Apple Berry, it is dark and glittery so I don’t really wear it except if there are special occasions where my clothes require something so dark and glittery.

7. Mary Kay (Silver Tube)

            Yes, another Mary Kay lipsticks! The shades were almost the same but they weren’t I am really into red and any red shades. I have fire cracker and sizzling red, they are both glossy and the tube needs to be kept well. It should not be exposed to air or water as it was made from a certain metal.  I am planning to dispose these already since I am no longer using them.

8. LA Girls matte pigment

            Last Christmas (2015) I received a gift from a co-teacher Reyna, we are both into lipsticks and gave me an LA Girl-Rebel, and it’s very dark and very matte. It lasts really long than usual and I always had hard time removing it I always used wet wipes if I want to rid it off. This is also one of my favorites unfortunately my previous student lost my LA-rebel. But I bought another two, one red and one pink. Red matte pigment’s name is Frisky and pink matte pigment’s name is Timeless. Just google how it looks like when applied on the lips.

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills (Don’t ask me why)

            Why not? I like the tube and I like the Logo. It smells really good. I have two and still using it depending on the occasion, my most favorite due to its darkness is the one on the left, I forgot the names sorry!

10. Wet ‘n wild Megablast

            Not my actual favorite, it looks so orange on my lips and really messy. And it doesn’t stay long as much as I wanted to and I often apply every now and then.

11. Maybelline’s velvet matte

            I used it once or twice, I wouldn’t say that this lippie is a matte one because I think it is not.

12. Etude house

            Hahahaha, pinkish is not really my thing and I am planning to give it to a co-teacher who loves pink and was eyeing this ever since I showed this one to her. But I find the tube so cute that is why I still kept it until now.

13. Here are some of I won’t name anymore

            The pictures are some of the lipsticks (assorted) that I won’t mention anymore. Above are from AVON cosmetics I rarely used them na, the one on farthest left was used once only (just to try it on me) and after that it was ‘tambak’ on my kit. The one in the middle was my mama’s favorite and the last one was my previous favorite. Below are from Maybelline, they were not glossy and they don’t stick on your lips longer.

<3 <3 <3
There are more upcoming reviews, huwag niyo lang pansinin at least kapag tinapon ko na or ipinamigay ko na iyong iba ay may remembrance pa rin ako. Happy lang :-)


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