Friday, February 5, 2016

Best G-I-F-T Ever!

Until now while looking at these stuff I can't still believe that I received a very special gift from a new found friend whom I haven't even met ever since, and the only means of communication that we have is through facebook. It's a very rare event that happens once in a lifetime and I am very thankful to whoever it is who gave me the chance to meet this wonderful person and gain a lot of wonderful friends through social media.

I was already informed that I'll be receiving a very special gift but still it was a surprise yet to be revealed, and then one night when I decided to go home late from school to finish all my cards and form 137 so I couldn't bring it at home and tire myself... the school guard called my attention when I was approaching the gate, may delivery daw ako. Excited na excited akong buksan ang gift, it's the first time I am receiving a gift from a friend living somewhere. I usually received packages because I am an online shopper so it's not really new if I receive a delivery.

I waited for my mama to fetch me dahil marami akong dala and besides they are on their way naman and my school is along the way lang, I waited for quite some time until the car finally came na. Iyong sister ko super excited to the highest level sa kung anong laman ng gift, I can feel her eagerness because it matches mine too.

I slowly unwrapped the gift and was surprised and beyond happy to see what's inside the box. For the first time in forever someone showed me a very big effort, it's a sketch of yours truly's real face. Surprised, mesmerized, amazed and very much happy that I don't even want someone to touch it because they might ruined the beautiful masterpiece. I really appreciate the card and the message, at that moment happiness is undefinable... my chest is bursting and my grin was up to ears. And surely, it will have a space in my newly built and painted room, a place where I can see it every single day of my life.

I don't know what I did good to be blessed with so many talented and intelligent friends, we might not know each other in person, we are living in different and obviously far places but distance isn't a hindrance towards us. HIndi man ngayon pero sa darating na panahon, I will surely repay all the goodness that they've showed to me. Kapag mayaman na ako (i don't know when) sisiguraduhin kong bibisitahin ko isa-isa ang mga babies and will hug them so tight to thank them for the support and friendship that they've offered. Sana dumating ang time na iyon... sa takdang panahon!

Mary Margareth, thank you so much for this gift. I will treasure it forever. And you have the talent, nurture and make it grow, your potential is unlimited and you deserves to be recognize girl.

Love lots,

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