Friday, January 15, 2016

Royale Series 8: Jailed Hearts

Royale Series 8: Jailed Hearts

Wade Villasor
Kirra Ventura



Kirra only live for those letters… hindi iyan lotion, those are her goals.

F is for Fierce, kailangan niyang maging matapang or else matatalo siya.

P is for Perfectionist, she wants everything to be the best of everything…


S stands for Sacrifice, lahat ng gusto at pangarap niya ay ibinaon na niya sa limot para sa kapakanan ng pamilya niya, para sa kapatid niya.


Minsan gusto din niyang ibahin ang meaning ng “S” na ito.. change it to Selfish, gusto din naman niyang mamuhay ng malaya, iyong walang iniisip kahit na minsan lang…

And she did but it turns out to be she got in the whirlwind of some jaded and jailed hearts, how can she released herself when she is torn between staying or going back to the responsibilities that she left behind?


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