Friday, January 15, 2016

Royale Series 10: Let the heart knows

Royale Series 10: Let the heart knows

Gleian Vasquez
Hyjea Romero


Sa bawat ulan, may araw

Sa bawat luha, may ngiti

Sa lahat ng sakit, may ligaya

Pero, paano naman siya?

All she did is to be the best for her family but he ruined it. All she did is to stay away from him but destiny is playing fate. All she did is to stop the attraction she feels towards him but she is failing. He said she is an angel.

All he did is to be the best for everyone and he thinks he is doing it right. All he did is to be with her but she is pushing him away and he doesn't even know why. All he did is to show his attraction towards her but she is fighting it. BUT WHY? She said he is a devil.

What if the past haunts them? What if he'll learned the truth? What will he do for her to forgive him?

Can she ever forgive him and learn to let go of the past? Will they able to let their heart knows about their true feelings for each other?


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