Friday, January 15, 2016

Marked Series 8: Just Like That

Marked Series 8: Just Like That


“Just like that I fell for you, and just like that you failed to catch me.”


Peace of mind is what Nao wants. Umalis siya sa limelight upang magsimula ng bagong
buhay. Pero paano niya makukuha iyon kung sa paglipat niya ng bagong pahina ng
buhay niya ay nakasunod pa rin ang isang bangungot na pilit niyang iniiwan mula
sa kanyang nakaraan. Nao’s life seems so perfect, with the face, body and brain
everyone is eyeing her with envy. But neither have they known that behind that
face is a past she is trying to hide and she would love to forget.

Allyxander Miguel Ventura is everybody’s dream catch and the only man she would never
desire because she definitely know that he isn’t good for her. Para itong
asukal sa kape niya, naakadiabetes, para itong taba sa adobo niya nakakahigh
blood, para itong radiation nakaka-cause ng cancer. At para itong kutsilyo na
handang hiwain ang puso niya… because he is Miggy Ventura a man who doesn’t
know what love is. He is her own self-destruction bomb, because just like that
he can break her apart.

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