Friday, January 15, 2016

Marked Series 7: Fall for him

Marked Series 7: Fall for him


“Fall for him, let him catch you even if that means it will break you apart.”
“Hate me, love me I don’t care all I want is the child you are carrying inside your womb.”

“This is not yours.” Mahinang sabi niya.

“Four weeks, one month ago I know it’s you I slept with Dane. I have a proof.” Ngumisi lang ito and reveal something she is looking for a while now. “One night and one proof sweet, I have your mark and I’ll keep it until you bear in your mind that you are mine and mine alone.”

Paano niya ireresist ang charm na dala ng isang Ruther Jake San Jose? Paano niya sasabihin dito na hindi ito pwedeng mahulog sa kanya kahit dala-dala niya ang anak nito sa kanyang sinapupunan? Paano niya sasabihin dito na kahit gusto niya ay hindi pwede… dahil ayaw niyang masaktan ito? Paano nalang kung darating ang panahon na aalis siya, makakaya ba niya?

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