Friday, January 15, 2016

Marked Series 6: A deal with the devil

Marked Series 6: A deal with the devil


"You can never hate the one you love Yvonne, you can say that you hate me but your heart and your body will always tell you how much you want me and you love me. That's the price of dealing with a devil."


Yvonne is already contented with her work not until she made a deal with her boss, the CEO, the handsome devil himself Reigan Buenaflor. Siya yata ang napagbalingan ng pangpa-power trip nito. He might look an angel but he is a devil inside. He keeps on pestering her about changing the way she dress, what's wrong with wearing an old fashion glasses, her hair in neat bun, and longsleeves and slacks? It's normal but for him, she is abnormal.

How can she resist the temptation of killing her devil boss when the outcome of the deal she made with him is something she isn't expecting. Is she ready to leave him... or will she stay even if she isn't wanted?

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