Friday, January 15, 2016

Marked Series 4: Unrequited Love

Marked Series 4: Unrequited Love


Huwag kang magtaka kung palagi akong nakangiti kapag kaharap ka, because for me a smile is equal to a bucket of tears, a pond of heartaches. You will always be an unrequited love.


Ano ba ang mas masakit? Iyong linoko ka? Iyong pinaasa ka? O, iyong pagmamahal na hindi ka linoloko, hindi ka pinapaasa dahil hindi rin niya alam? That's unrequited love.

She loved him ever since the world created, but he loves her bestfriend ever since the world created. He went abroad, he left her wounded, he is back... with a knife that is slowly slicing her heart into pieces again because he loves no one else still but her bestfriend who already love somebody else.

Hanggang kailan siya ngingiti kung ang totoo sa bawat ngiti niya ay ang luhang tinatago niya ever since the world created?

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