Friday, January 15, 2016

Marked Series 1: Destined to be yours

"LIFE begins when I met you. DESTINY starts when I saw you in my office wearing a sinful two piece red bikini. My FOREVER triggered when you smiled at me. Therefore, I concluded I am DESTINED TO BE YOURS"


Isa lang ang gusto ni Bree at iyon ay magkaroon ng anak kung saan pwede niyang ipamana ang kanyang kagandahan at katalinuhan, but her friends think it as a dreadful idea dahil daw capital B-A-L-I-W daw siya. Hey, she's an artist she have the license to be crazy sometimes.

Ayaw niya ng asawa! Para ano pa kung kaya naman niya hindi ba?
Ang problema lang wala siyang mahanap na pwedeng magdonate ng sperm.

And then she met the conceited Allyxel Cash Ventura who thought that he is a gift of womankind. THE NERVE!

They clashed... and they decided on one thing.

He can be her daughter or son's father, sa isang kondisyon. Kailangan nilang magsama hangga't hindi sila nakakabuo, yeah... malayo sa plano niyang in vitro fertilization ang plano nito.

Ayaw niya! But he is the perfect candidate, dahil aminin man niya o hindi he have the GENES!

Papayag ba siya? O kikidnapin nalang niya ang binata at kunan ng sample? Which is better?

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