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"I tried to wait but waiting too long is too much for me so I stopped."

Xyler Faith is a control freak and she wants to have control on everything she has. She doesn't want to be dictated and her family knew it. Pero paano kung dumating ang isang araw na may magmamando sa kanya kung ano ang kailangan niyang gawin... another control freak... sa katauhan ni Jair Gilmore ang lalaking hindi niya alam kung kinamumuhian ba siya dahil kapag palagi silang magkasama palagi itong nakakunot ang noo sa kanya.

Will she be that little girl again who follows his every order? Will she be that hopeless in love teenager who got her heart broken when he left? Will she be that submissive woman who is hopelessly waiting for a feeling?



What we want, we get. Get it?


Tahimik na ang buhay ni Aleeyah kasama ang mga anak niya, pinilit niyang kinalimutan ang mga masasakit na nangyari sa kanya noon. Sinigurado niyang hindi na magkukrus muli ang landas ng lalaking ama ng kanyang mga anak at ang lalaking nagpaalis sa kanya sa buhay nito.

She promised she will devote her life to her twins, to give them everything. Kaya lang hindi nangyari ang mga plano niya dahil muling nagkrus ang landas nila ng lalaking nanakit sa kanya. Now, her twins were eager to be with their father. How can she tell them that their father doesn't want to do anything with her, na ayaw nito sa kanya?

Paano niya maililigtas ang puso niya sa taong bumasura nito?

<3 <3 <3 One of my readers send this to me, I love this cover by the way....

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