Friday, January 15, 2016



What will you do if the person you love the most hurt you?

What will you do if the person you loathe the most came back?

What will you do if the person you don't want to see is just right infront of you?

What will you do if the world turn upside down and now he wants you back?


What is your assurance that what did now is for real or another bit of his game?

Will you try TO LOVE AGAIN?


Third only want one thing from her and that is his niece.

Crescent only want one thing from him and that is her life's peacefulness.

But he will never give her what she wants until she gives him what he needs. The world will be their battle arena... their ring of a never ending clash. He will do everything just to break her apart and for her to give up.

Or will he give up instead?

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